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Digital Signage Opportunities in Corporate Buildings
Posted on Monday, July 22, 2013
Digital Signage Opportunities in Corporate Buildings
Looking for a digital signage solution for a corporate organization?
Digital signage is the perfect communications medium in the fast-paced and ever changing corporate environment. Digital signs can be updated instantly with content created and controlled by you and distributed across lobbies or entire offices, whether local or across the country. You can schedule company alerts to announce meeting locations, company events, local weather updates and more. Digital signs are also a great mechanism for training employees.
You control your communication strategy with MagicBox technology from ClearOne; digital signage to distribute your message effectively and with maximum impact. Our user friendly interface allows your content managers to update your directive in real time, with little technical know-how.
The possibilities for corporate digital signage are endless:
  • Promote events and HR information
  • Supplement training or product announcements
  • Boost morale and improve communications
  • Deliver emergency alerts and announcements more effectively
  • Incorporate live information like weather, traffic, and stock price
  • Broadcast performance and inventory statistics
  • Display industry news or other RSS feeds
  • Personalize visitor greetings
  • Show event schedules
  • Promote special offers
  • Integrate social media interactivity
  • Supplement knowledge sharing
  • Advertise loyalty programs and sign-up procedures
Digital signage delivers the right message to the right parties at the right time.  For more in-depth information on how to distribute your message to employees, customers, and all other visitor traffic, ClearOne has created a document that lists several options for digital signage to be used in a corporate facility that you can downloaded, click below