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ClearOne Showcases Its StreamNet™ Technology at Annual Trade Expo for Residential Electronics
Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2011
ClearOne Set to Launch Several New Innovations from Cloud-based Music Management to Streaming Multimedia Hardware and Amplifiers
SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO), a global communications and entertainment solutions company, announced the residential market introduction of six new innovations for its StreamNet™ IP-based AV distribution and control system. The products are being shown this week in Indianapolis at the annual CEDIA Expo, the world's largest trade show devoted to professionally-installed residential electronic systems.
Featured products include a cloud-based music management system that provides global access to a user's complete music library located anywhere on the network; a new compact, high-power 2x150 watt-per-channel amplifier; and a new digital tuner, compatible with two StreamNet controller/amplifiers with built-in web servers to tune in and play MP3 Internet radio streams. The company will also debut three AV products to the residential market.
Prominent at this year's show will be ANTHOLOGY™, an IP-based network music system that simplifies access to music on PCs, iTunes, Internet radio, remote servers and cloud services. ANTHOLOGY Cloud Sync automatically backs up content to a private Internet Data Locker™ for multi-location synchronization and remote access to media from computers and mobile devices.
Making its debut at CEDIA is the new SLX300, an in-wall or rack-mounted digital decoder amplifier which delivers two audio channels up to 150 watts each. The SLX300 is the most powerful 2-channel amplifier in the DigiLinX line, and addresses a long-standing need for a high-power 2-channel amp in listening room and home theater applications.
The third new product being introduced is a built-in webserver which allows tuning and streaming of over ten thousand MP3 Internet radio stations located around the world. This new feature, which is compatible with the TLA250 and SL251 IP audio decoders and amplifiers, allows adding MP3 Internet radio as a local source to any zone in a DigiLinX system.
The three products making their residential market debut at the CEDIA Expo are the MLVA9500, an IP encoder for AV content from an HDMI source; the VL9300, an IP decoder for AV content going to an HDTV or other AV component; and BluePort™, a wireless digital audio gateway that allows an iPhone, Android smartphone, or other Bluetooth device to be a wireless audio source for one zone or multiple zones in a home system.
"These components add essential depth and breadth to the DigiLinX™ product line," said Buzz Goddard, Vice President Worldwide Residential Sales. "In particular, the residential market launch of our HDCP compliant IP encoder and decoder for HDMI is a major milestone. The other products add important features, like streaming audio from Bluetooth devices or Internet radio, which keep DigiLinX at the cutting edge of what our customers expect from our home systems."
All products featured at the CEDIA Expo are either available now or will begin shipping within the next two months.