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MagicBox, Inc. Announces a New Digital Signage Solution and Product Line for Room Signs
Posted on Thursday, May 6, 2010
MagicBox, Inc. Announces a New Digital Signage Solution and Product Line for Room Signs

The RoomRoster is a digital sign with a built in MagicBox player and comes with the MagicBox database integration software EZ-Stream. This will provide end-users with an affordable solution for displaying schedules and agendas outside of conference rooms, convention halls, and meeting rooms. The first product in the RoomRoster product line is a 5.7” fully enclosed display. This display utilizes an IEEE standard known as Power over Ethernet (PoE), making installation even simpler. With Power over Ethernet, you only have to run one Cat5e or Cat6 cable to the display and that cable will carry power and the Ethernet. Power is inserted into the Ethernet cable using a Midspan router or a Power Midspan. MagicBox, Inc. will provide the Power Midspan as an option for those who do not have an existing PoE infrastructure. Also included with this solution is the MagicBox Inc. EZ-Stream software. EZ-Stream is capable of pulling information from a data source, formatting it for the display, and automatically sending the content to the display across the Ethernet. EZ-Stream also gives you all the design tools to give your information an aesthetically pleasing look. EZ-Stream can interface with a wide variety of common data sources including Relational Databases (SQL), XML, and CSV. EZ-Stream can also interface with many 3rd party databases or meeting management software including Microsoft Excel®, Access, and Exchange Server, PeopleCube Resource Schedule, Dean Evans and Associates EMS®, Newmarket Delphi®, NetSimplicity Meeting Room Manager, CollegeNET R25®, and Google Calendar. For more information on the RoomRoster solution, contact MagicBox Inc. sales at 541-752-5654 or