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The Value of Standalone Video Endpoints – Part Two
Posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2013
The Value of Standalone Video Endpoints – Part Two
This post continues our discussion on the value of standalone video endpoints.
Cloud-based Conferencing
Cloud-based video conferencing gives organizations the benefits of video conferencing without major investment in infrastructure or network that is often required for many deployments. Cloud-based services deliver the value of high-quality video conferencing without the upfront costs for equipment and staff that are usually needed to set up and manage video calls.
Cloud-based services make video easily accessible to anyone, anywhere whether they are using video in a room, at the desktop or on a mobile device. Video service in the cloud offers opportunities for businesses of all sizes to access video conferencing technologies in a way that is easy to use, affordable, and not dependent on in-house IT resources.
Applications For Standalone Systems
A large pharmaceutical firm used a standalone video unit when there was a need to have a subject matter expert, located in a foreign country, participate in a seminar held in the United States. The availability of a standalone video unit made it easy for the firm to connect the individual into a call. A phone line was used as a backup in case the video call failed. There was no worry about in-house infrastructure or the need to find a firm to host the call.
The value of a standalone video unit was useful to engineers from a packaged goods company who needed to immediately focus on an assembly line problem. In the past, traditional video conferencing units and in-house infrastructure issues made it difficult to handle problems with a moment’s notice. Video conferences had to be planned.
Standalone video units, with an embedded MCU, recording & streaming capabilities, make it easier to hold a video call when needed. Cloud service offerings can be used to reach outside firms (B2B) or consumer locations (B2C). Now true video conferencing portability is a reality.
ClearOne’s COLLABORATE® Room Advantages
ClearOne COLLABORATE® room solutions are standalone, serverless video units that offer best-in-class video conferencing and collaboration at a price-point and feature set vastly superior to competing room conferencing solutions. Collaborate Room systems are available for small to large sized rooms. These systems are plug & play devices that are easy to set-up, operate and upgrade. ClearOne’s COLLABORATE® offers the following advantages:
  • Self-contained, Serverless
  • Multi-standard – H.323 and SIP
  • Embedded MCU
  • Embedded Recording
  • Embedded Streaming (both uni-cast & multicast)
Deployment and usage of video conferencing systems no longer need to be difficult. No longer is there a need to invest in cumbersome in-house infrastructure, nor is there a need to deploy systems that are time consuming and difficult to install when considering video conferencing at secondary sites. Standalone, server independent deployment is now available to allow organizations to grow their adoption of video conferencing and offer easy to use, full-featured, technology. These systems are designed for small and medium-sized organizations or for secondary sites of larger enterprises.