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Video Wall Installation – Safety Considerations
Posted on Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Video Wall Installation – Safety Considerations
We’ve all seen the occasional installation that just makes your skin crawl – projectors hanging from the ceiling with packing tape, shopping carts holding up satellite dishes. It boggles the mind that something hanging from the wall or ceiling, where other people can get seriously injured, can be so carelessly installed.
A small projector can cause serious injury with just a few feet of distance to fall – so when it comes to hundreds of pounds of video wall weight, safety quickly shoots to top of mind when considering the right video wall mounting solution.
Video wall mounts from Chief are rigorously tested and refined to maximize safety for both installers and end users. Fusion video wall mounts are UL listed. Be sure to properly account for screen and mount weight when anchoring to the ceiling, wall or floor.
Here are a few more quick safety tips for video walls from Luke Westin, Product Manager at Chief.
  • Take into consideration all the additional accessories and equipment being added to the video wall when factoring the weight capacities of the products
  • Position the array offset components prior to installation based on your display thicknesses to alleviate any unwanted stress at the ceiling connections. This will also ensure that your TVs are on a level plane.
  • Install all set screws where applicable to add stability and extra security.
  • And as always, read the Instruction Manual.
The nicest thing about Fusion video wall mounts is the micro-adjust feature. Independent knobs for height and plumb adjustment keep displays aligned and enable a “business card” gap between displays. This keeps screens from resting on each other and allows for display expansion after warming up – less stress on the screens means less stress on you.
Stay safe out there.