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Chief Certified at 14 Years Old
Posted on Thursday, May 22, 2014
Chief Certified at 14 Years Old
Tyler Pitzl recently turned 14. He does a lot of the things you’d expect a 14-year-old to do. He plays football as a guard and tackle (his team only lost one game last season). He participates in wrestling. He’s working toward Eagle Scout rank as a member of the Boy Scouts of America. He spends his spare time researching World War II. He’s looking at various area high schools to choose where to start ninth grade next year.

Oh, and he’s Chief Partner Certified.

Chief’s free certification program teaches users about market-specific solutions through virtual rooms and videos. Certified Partners increase their knowledge of many different mount solutions and put that knowledge to work on the job.

Tyler has taken all the online courses in the installation track as part of a deal with his parents to be able to help out as a summer job. Gail and Dennis Pitzl own and manage Concepts AV Integration in Omaha, Nebraska. Tyler grew up around AV. His last two science fair projects were AV related. After the Chief and Da-Lite Road Show stopped to visit in mid-April, he made quick work of Chief’s online certification program for installers.

He has motivation since he wants to help out the family business. Several cousins also work at the company. His pride in AV is evident.

“In classrooms at school – It’s pretty cool that I can tell people about the projectors and SMART® Boards and how they work,” Tyler said.

Dennis, President and CEO, said they have several projects on the horizon that will provide good learning opportunities, starting with helping to pull cable. He’ll have the chance to work in corporate, restaurant and education applications.

“The team loves working with him,” said Gail, Vice President Operations/COO. “He brings a new, young, enthusiastic mind into the industry. He brings a bit of peer pressure as well – no one wants to be shown up by the young one!”

Concepts AV Integration also has a hand in developing materials for several tech-based merit badges for the Boy Scouts. Tyler is their advisor so they can better determine whether the material is understandable for scouts ages 12 to 18.

Training is a strong part of their business model, Gail said. All the techs, installers, designers and salesmen have gone through Chief Certification courses.

“Whenever there’s downtime, I’m getting them online classes and webinars,” Gail said.

In June, Tyler will be accompanying his parents to InfoComm for his third time at the tradeshow. He’ll be visiting booths and manufacture reps. Gail said it also helps him to learn how to communicate with executives and professionals.

Down the road, Tyler hopes to go to college to study military history and become a military strategist, which he says uses more AV technology than you might expect.

“It’s not pushing ships across cardboard. It’s all technology now,” he said.