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Chief’s ConnexSys™ System Already Impressing Installers
Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2014
Chief engineers met with installers and dealers throughout the development of the new ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System to gather feedback to guide the problem-solving design.
What pain points does this new mount solve?
  • Adjusts for recessed applications and wall discrepancies
  • Removes need for templates while allowing for faster installation
  • Doesn’t transfer torque from wall to screen
  • Reduces frequency and aggressiveness of screen pushing, which can cause damage
  • Eliminates unintentional pop outs
  • Vince DiStasio formatted
One person Chief engineers met with was Vince DiStasio, vice president of Video Visions, Inc., in Trevose, Penn. In fact, he was one of the few people to see a prototype at InfoComm and then months later after improvements were made. He also was one of the last customers to see the solution, and he said it was a pleasure to see that changes he recommended were made.
“I am excited about the way the new mount works,” he said. “It should be a game changer in leveling you video wall. Everything works off one solid piece of Unistrut. That should be a big help in leveling everything. Any wall that you go to hang a video wall, the contractor says its straight, but there’s always some flexion in the wall. The one beam will help a lot to run everything on the same level plane.”
DiStasio even stopped his installers at the shop and had them come over and take a look to give feedback as well.
“They are the guys using the brackets every day. I wanted their feedback on what to change to make it better. They were happy with the fine adjustment left and right. They loved the Unistrut. It really is a no brainer when it comes to leveling.”
The reaction was much the same wherever the Chief team took it, said Kathryn Gaskell, Product Manager.
“The very last round was more of a validation,” she said. “We’ve taken all this input. We’ve listened, and we’ve responded. The customers were excited, pumped. I think the sales guys felt that. Seeing that expression on their face, it’s a good feeling and a priceless moment.”
The last customers Gaskell showed the new system asked when they could order it.
“They didn’t ask for changes. That’s a success,” she said.
We’re hoping to make your video wall installations a lot easier very soon. Read more about ConnexSys here. And check out the below video from rAVe at ISE  for a quick look at some of the features in action.