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Canon’s Innovative Technology Takes Flight at CES® 2024, Bringing Guests on a Journey Beyond the Destination
Posted on Thursday, January 4, 2024
Canon’s Innovative Technology Takes Flight at CES® 2024, Bringing Guests on a Journey Beyond the Destination

Canon U.S.A. has created an immersive experience for CES 2024 in which attendees will use Canon Innovation to step inside an adventure with a world of possibilities

MELVILLE, N.Y., January 4, 2024 — Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, will charter a new path at CES 2024 with an immersive journey that takes guests on an adventure far beyond the show floor by honing in on a travel theme. Right now, the travel category is soaring, officially eclipsing pre-2020 levels for the first time. At CES, Canon will look to display its innovative technologies and how it can elevate its end-users’ experience with its 2024 theme “Journey Beyond the Destination,” allowing visitors of Canon’s CES exhibit to experience the magic of travel virtually.

Canon's upcoming travel show "Now Boarding: Argentina" starts with a pilot episode that follows actress, producer, and author Lily Collins on a 3-day adventure to Argentina. The show is produced in partnership with 101 Studios, creators of hit series “Yellowstone”, “1923” & “Lawmen: Bass Reeves.”

“At its core, Canon technology is about bringing people together so they can share life’s experiences, for moments ranging from the everyday to the once-in-a-lifetime,” said Isao “Sammy” Kobayashi, president and CEO, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “Canon is very excited for the journey our CES guests will explore, to showcase the way our innovations bring people closer than they could have imagined — to each other, and to the world around them.”

Capture Beyond the Destination: Visual Storytelling Equipment

In the CES booth, attendees will experience some of Canon’s virtual reality innovations, explore content creation technology, and engage with the cameras and lenses used in Canon’s upcoming original travel pilot, “Now Boarding: Argentina,” filmed on Canon’s Cinema EOS C300 Mark III, EOS R6 II, EOS R50 and PowerShot V10 cameras. At this section of the Canon booth, users will see real-world examples of how the products are used at the cinematic, professional, and consumer levels. By taking a journey through this array of world-class imaging technology, guests will learn how Canon brings the adventure home to share with others.

Connect Beyond the Destination: Kokomo by Canon

Kokomo by Canon is a revolutionary immersive virtual reality software that will allow CES guests to feel like they’re a part of Canon’s travel content. At the Canon CES booth, visitors will step into the Kokomo journey to participate in a travel-themed virtual scavenger hunt. Attendees will see how Kokomo helps people feel like they’re together, no matter where they are in the world. Kokomo has an ImmersiveCalling feature, which is a face-to-face immersive 3D video-calling experience. This technology expands digital connection, giving friends, family, or colleagues the opportunity to meet virtually “in-person” through a compatible VR headset and a compatible smartphone. Users can appear as themselves in a dynamic 3D environment with lifelike detail, interacting in real time.

Explore Beyond the Destination: Free Viewpoint System

With Canon’s Free Viewpoint Video System (FVS), CES guests will be able to jump right into a sports match and experience the match from various angles. FVS is designed for arenas, stadiums, and production studios, using more than 100 Canon Cinema EOS-based 4K cameras and lenses. The cameras work together create a 3D model that allows viewers to see the action from a multitude of perspectives. The system reproduces a wide breadth of views, from drone-style shots swooping in and around the players, to smaller POV angles that place viewers right in the middle of the action.

At CES Canon is showcasing how sports content generated using FVS can be used with VireWirx. VireWirx, formerly known as XCOM Labs, builds high-speed low-latency wireless networks and split rendering solutions to make multi-user, photorealistic, free roam XR experiences a reality today.

Imagine Beyond the Destination: Mixed Reality

Canon’s Mixed Reality Concept Model experience integrates the real world with virtual imaging.

It can account for limits of scale, perception, analysis and collaboration, all with lifelike image clarity and color accuracy. This gives it the potential to make a powerful impact on industry, education, medicine, entertainment and more. Guests at Canon’s CES booth will get to know mixed reality in a 3D product viewing experience.

Collaborate Beyond the Destination: AMLOS: Activate My Line Of Sight

Canon’s AMLOS (Activate My Line of Sight) solution was developed to elevate the modern hybrid meeting experience. At CES, guests can experience the AMLOS solution inside the Canon booth by joining a hybrid focus group session. By teaming up with the Australian luggage brand, July, CES attendees can participate in a focus group with July’s Luggage Design Team and collaborate with fellow CES guests on the design of a travel-themed product.

AMLOS is a software-and-camera product suite that works in conjunction with a company’s compatible video conference solution and is designed to support robust collaboration for modern hybrid creative meetings. Guests at CES can act as remote participants in an AMLOS meeting so they can customize their own individual view throughout the meeting based on what is shown by the in-person participants which can allow them to see things such as physical objects in the room clearly. At the CES design experience, this includes items such as luggage handles, materials, fabrics, drawings, and whiteboards. The AMLOS solution, which uses one of two sophisticated Canon PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras, allows in office participants to use hand gesture controls to initiate certain actions, like capturing whiteboard stills, or spotlighting objects in the room. AMLOS gives remote users flexibility to customize their view of what is shown by the in-person participants, allowing for a unique experience that an individual can optimize based on their viewing preference. The AMLOS solution won a 2023 CES Best of Innovation Award in the Software and Mobile Apps category, marking the first time Canon earned this accolade. Be sure to stop by the Canon booth to experience the AMLOS solution during the onsite focus group with the July Luggage design team.

Journey Beyond the Destination

Canon is also proud to announce that the MS-500 SPAD Sensor Camera is a CES 2024 Innovation Award winner. The camera will be on display at The Venetian during the show. Please also visit the Canon booth from January 9th-12th (Central Hall, Booth #17629) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Model: EOS C300 MK III
Model: EOS R50 Body (Black)
Model: PowerShot V10 Vlog Camera for Content Creators (BK)
Model: EOS R6 Mark II Body