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Canon Launches the Kokomo Solution
Posted on Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Canon Launches the Kokomo Solution

The first VR Platform Application For Face-To-Face Communication in Virtual Spaces

MELVILLE, N.Y., January 4, 2023 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, will launch free early access1 to the Kokomo software in February 2023, showcasing Canon's first application for a virtual reality (VR) platform2 that enables face-to-face communication in a virtual space with live-action video using easy-to-use equipment. Canon first announced the development of the Kokomo software at CES 2022.

The Kokomo application is a VR software developed by Canon that embodies the three elements of "REAL" "TOGETHER" "EXPERIENCE." These three elements help to represent the overarching product mission of a new means of communication to be there and share your own image, facial expression, and even the clothing you are wearing. The Kokomo application uses a compatible consumer VR headset3 and compatible smartphone4, allowing friends and family to experience being together, no matter where they are5.

Easy To Use

Without the need for multiple cameras or a complex system requiring professional settings, face-to-face communication in a virtual space can be achieved with the simple configuration of a commercially available compatible VR headset and a compatible smartphone. Users can easily register using the smartphone application and connect with a caller, who also has a compatible VR headset and registers for the Kokomo application, communicating with each other in a remote location with the same ease of operation as familiar existing calling applications, with the realistic sensation of being face-to-face in a life-size setting while viewing each other's image.

Real Together Experience

The image processing technology developed by Canon USA reproduces the user's image in live-action in a virtual space from the image captured by the compatible smartphone, allowing the user to make an "ImmersiveCall" video call while viewing the other party and surroundings in 3D in the virtual space using the compatible VR headset. The "ImmersiveCall" with live representation allows for social interaction to be accessible from one's home, hotel, dorm room, or across other distances if there is a compatible headset, the software, and an Internet connection is available. When using a VR headset that covers the user's field of vision, a highly immersive visual experience unobstructed by screens or frames can be achieved, and by using a compatible smartphone to capture full-body images, users can communicate with gestures and other forms of communication. In addition, the "Media Player," a function for sharing photos and videos in a virtual space, allows users to enjoy communicating and chatting together while simultaneously viewing content together on the call.

Dynamic Environment

In addition to "Kokomo Studio," the default virtual space with a relaxed and chill atmosphere, multiple virtual spaces are available, and users can switch between them depending on the content of the conversation or mood. Other virtual spaces for an "ImmersiveCall" include "Malibu Trailer" in Malibu, California, "North Shore" and "Mountain Tea House" in Oahu, Hawaii. In addition, at CES 2023, users can experience a special virtual space inspired by the new film, Knock at the Cabin, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, in theaters February 3.

Learn more about Kokomo by visiting Canon's CES 2023 booth from January 5th-8th (Hall 3, #16359) at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Follow Canon throughout the show on Instagram and Facebook at @CanonUSA and LinkedIn at @CanonUSA. Use #CanonCES2023 to join the conversation. Visit our website at to view the recording of Canon's CES 2023 Press Conference which will be hosted on our Home Page after January 4.