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CMS-200: Control room management suite


Model: CMS-200

Part #: R9832708

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Barco's CMS-200 software is an advanced control room management suite which allows for easy display wall management, efficient collaboration and fast decisionmaking in any control room. Barco's control room management suite provides operators and decision-makers with easy access to information and allows them to connect to information, to configure how it is displayed, and to collaborate in the most efficient way.


Thanks to its networked concept, Barco's CMS-200 software enables users to easily connect to a multitude of sources, regardless of where the information has to be presented - on small LCD displays, video walls or operator workstations. Since all sources are available over the network, no dedicated hardware is necessary to visualize the information.


Barco's CMS-200 software offers nearly unlimited possibilities to control and manage displays and sources. Thanks to the usability-engineered CMS environment, managing information is done intuitively.


With CMS-200, Barco has redefined control room collaboration. Through the unique concept of Perspectives, CMS allows to make more efficient use of the control room display estate, and to share user-defined information views with colleagues more efficiently.

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