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Analog Way’s VIO 4K Converter Updated with New Enhancements
Posted on Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Paris, October 2016 - Analog Way is thrilled to release a new version of the VIO 4K, highlighting ARTIS®. ARTIS® is a new high-quality scaling technology that offers unrivaled content quality. Also available is the loop-through for DVI, HD15 and HDMI inputs and the possibility to import or export a configuration.

ARTIS®, a Major Evolution for Scaling

ARTIS® was developed to allow smart scaling. This new exclusive up/down scaling engine, based on a highly-developed algorithm, delivers unparalleled image quality for all resolutions. Whether dealing with scaling an image up to 4K or zooming on to a specific area of the image, ARTIS® has been engineered to accurately preserve every element of the original source and to reduce pixilation and artefacts. This new technology guarantees crisp images and vivid colors while maintaining ultra-low processing latency. In addition, three sharpness levels are available to let the operator optimize the results according to his needs and preferences. ARTIS® does not require any hardware upgrade. Any existing VIO 4K device can be upgraded to firmware revision 1.20.19 in order to benefit from these improvements.

Video Loop Mode Available for HD15, DVI and HDMI Inputs

The latest VIO 4K version contains new features that will help to meet the operator’s needs and increase ease of set-up. Besides the already available SDI active loop-through, the loop mode can now be enabled on the HD15, DVI or HDMI output plug, turning it into an unscaled loop-through of the corresponding input. It also enables a local monitor to be easily connected or a video signal to be routed to another device. Through the loop mode, the same content can be processed simultaneously by various devices. The set-up is simplified, since only a mere cable is necessary to route the signal from a device to another one with no need of using a splitter. This enhancement is immediately available, even for units already in the field; current owners of VIO 4K need only update their device with version v1.20.19 to benefit from it.

Import/Export Feature is Now Available

The VIO 4K now offers the ability to import and export quickly and easily the partial or full configuration of the device, including all settings and presets, by selecting which categories to export. Exporting or importing the device configuration can be achieved either directly from the front panel menu or the Web RCS. This can be performed from the device’s internal storage, a USB key or the user’s computer disk. Whether it deals with a simple backup or a large event where the configuration needs to be duplicated to many VIO 4K, this feature allows the operator to save precious time. 

Model: V701