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Captivating, Immersive Experience for Sports Betters Made Possible with Innovative Technology

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Captivating, Immersive Experience for Sports Betters Made Possible with Innovative Technology
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Mohegan Sun FanDuel Sportsbook's colossal curved dvLED video wall by Peerless-AV® and Unilumin is setting a new standard for the leisure and entertainment space.


Collaborating alongside AV integrator Solutionz, Inc and dvLED supplier Unilumin, Peerless-AV® was tasked with installing an enormous custom video wall for the Mohegan Sun FanDuel Sportsbook at Mohegan’s flagship casino and entertainment destination in Connecticut, Mohegan Sun. In June 2021, Mohegan Sun commissioned AV integrator Solutionz to manage the project, which was no straightforward installation due to its size and scale.

Mohegan Sun wanted to create an innovative and exciting addition to their facility. Working together with FanDuel, the concept of this visually stunning video wall came to life. This impactful display would serve sports betters with access to a world-class selection of live sports competitions from across the world with restaurant, bar and gaming offerings. This is what led them to contact Solutionz and the installation began in November 2021.

The Challenge

The location for the Mohegan Sun FanDuel Sportsbook had existing AV equipment that needed improvements to deliver a more impressive experience for guests. Mohegan Sun collaborated with FanDuel to conceptualize an enormous video wall that would be the center focus of the room.

Solutionz specified a custom manufactured mount from the Peerless-AV team who would design, engineer, and deliver a unique SEAMLESS Bespoke Mounting System to support this triple XL curved video wall. The team carefully arranged Unilumin Uslim dvLED displays to create three individual video walls, including one main wall and two wing walls to form a concave appearance.

Not only was the size, weight, and curvature of this video wall a challenge, but there were also adjustments along the way that allowed the teams’ adaptability and innovation to be showcased and still meet the deadline. The original installation plans included the colossal video wall to be mounted on the floor. However, the visible posts were not favorable by Mohegan Sun management. The team then revised plans to create a mounting system that suspended the 20,000lb curved video wall’s total weight from the ceiling and attached to the wall.

The Solution

Peerless-AV analyzed the room for any challenges or considerations by conducting an in-depth site survey. All parties collaborated on the perfect solution to where the mount would attach in the space.

Known for its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and superior customer service, SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV, the company’s dvLED Video Wall Integration Program, ensured start-to-finish project support – from the designing and manufacturing of custom Bespoke Series Mounting Systems to testing, project management, on-site installation consultation and commissioning.

“I am a huge advocate of Peerless-AV, having worked with their custom dvLED team on other complex, large scale and high-profile projects such as the ilani Casino Resort, operated by both Mohegan and the Cowlitz Tribe in Washington,” said Kevin Reilly, Corporate Entertainment Technical Manager, Sports & Entertainment for Mohegan. “Peerless-AV was the obvious choice for this project, as there was no doubt that they had incredible product reliability, a great reputation, as well as quality servicing and support.”

Findings from the investigation conducted by Peerless-AV resulted in the removal of the existing non-structural wall of 20g light-gauge framing and sheetrock, exposing the building structure. This would allow Peerless-AV to mount the video wall using a stable structure with supplemental steel to support and prevent issues of sagging or deflection from improper mounting. This steel was designed to handle accumulated snow and ice by flexing with the building. This stability started with the base building structure and was subsequently carried to the displays with the SEAMLESS Bespoke Mounting System framework. In addition to these structural benefits, it would also allow the team to push the dvLED video wall as far back as possible to maximize the common area and limit the protrusion of the video wall.

The team at Mohegan Sun understood the risks of this installation and assisted greatly by providing load and deflection values so that the structural team could develop proper building attach points. This excellent teamwork was crucial to the eventual success of the installation.

The Installation

After the steel structure was in place, the SEAMLESS Bespoke Mounting System was installed, and the displays were mounted row by row so the whole video wall came together easily and flawlessly. The team included a half-inch vertical expansion gap between each of the sections to account for a potential difference between snow loading deflection that could impact the side sections of the curved video wall differently than the main wall.

The main video wall featured a uniform yet gentle curve with a 179.8-degree angle between any two adjacent displays. The right and left sections each had a greater curve than the center, with a 176.7-degree angle between any two adjacent displays.

Designed for visitors of the sportsbook to be able to view the display from any angle of the space, the total viewable surface of the dvLED video wall is 139ft W x 14.7ft H and 2,034 sq ft. 420 Unilumin Uslim dvLED displays were used for the enormous wall. The panels were arranged in an 84-wide by 5-high configuration. The bottom four rows contained 500 W x 1,000 H displays, totaling 336 cabinets, while the top row contained 500 W x 500 H displays, totaling 84 cabinets. In order to create a desired viewable size that is maximized to fit the space, this custom design had to accommodate these different cabinet sizes.

“This was our first large scale project with Solutionz and Peerless-AV together,” said Patrick Dunn, EVP of Operations for Unilumin. “The entire team worked well together and never lost sight of our customer first approach. We look forward to many successful deployments in the future together.”

Peerless-AV also developed a perforated custom rear cover for the side array located over an opened space to hide the back of the display. This cover blends in with the ceiling structure but allows for proper airflow, creating an aesthetically pleasing view from all angles, while still being practical and soundly designed.

The Results

The incredibly large video wall installation was an amazing success. As a result of the well-coordinated and dedicated efforts of all parties working on this project as one expert team, the installation went smoothly and the video wall is up and running with reliable performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Mohegan Sun FanDuel sportsbook is a wonderful leisure and entertainment installation, and we are immensely honored to be part of it,” said Jim Miner, Vice President at Solutionz. “When we changed the design from three individual walls to a single large curved front video wall it demanded the best from our staff and our partners at FanDuel, Mohegan Sun, Peerless-AV and Unilumin. There were so many structural challenges that we needed a premium mount partner that could provide the support to the extent that was required. From start to finish, Peerless-AV was the right choice for this project.”

Now the home to the largest video wall on the East Coast of North America, The Mohegan Sun FanDuel Sportsbook sets a high standard for the leisure and entertainment space. The Mohegan Sun and FanDuel teams were elated with the installation that brought their vision to life.

“This installation at Mohegan Sun is a complex feat of engineering and is a success not only because of the technology but also because of team that delivered it,” said Reilly. “Everyone worked together in dedicated fashion, to deliver according to the immediacy of the set timescale.”

The same sentiment about the final installation was shared at FanDuel.

“As one of our marquee locations, the Mohegan Sun FanDuel Sportsbook had to be equipped with nothing but the best,” said Juan Torres, FanDuel Director of Design and Construction. “The partnership with Solutionz assured us a superb sports viewing experience, and Unilumin and Peerless-AV’s displays and mounting solutions took this project to the next level. The entire video wall aids in the creation of an energetic space that keeps the customer engaged and excited to be a part of the FanDuel brand.”

Once the project was complete and all parties were satisfied with the incredible results, the teams had a moment to reflect on the hard work put into this installation.

“I am so proud of this project,” said Megan Zeller, Senior Director, Business Development at Peerless-AV. “Not only have I seen the finished video wall for myself and been amazed but I was there with my dvLED install team to see the installation progress and the result is fantastic. The size of this sportsbook video wall competes with the best of the best in Vegas but what makes this most unique is the engineering aspect of the project and all the structural considerations that had to be resolved.”

The result of the dedicated work between Solutionz, Unilumin, and Peerless-AV is a masterpiece that roused great excitement and created a captivating, immersive experience for sports betters. Peerless-AV is proud to have been part of the creation of this stimulating, high-tech environment for the Mohegan Sun FanDuel Sportsbook and all the visitors to come.


Install Stats:

  • Unilumin Uslim 2.5mm
  • Peerless-AV Curved Wall Mount
  • 420 Panels | 3,024 Modules | 30,240,000 Pixels
  • Total Weight of Video Wall: 20,000 lbs


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