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Immersive Interaction – Pushing Projection Beyond The Screen

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Immersive Interaction – Pushing Projection Beyond The Screen
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The Challenge:

As a team that develops and produces dynamic experiences, Bravo Media Productions was looking to engage its current and prospective clients in an immersive interaction from the moment they stepped off the elevator into Bravo’s studio space. The visual façade of the studio needed to be fully immersive and immediately impactful, delivering the same level of dynamic production value that Bravo provides for installations. 


A 360 degree setup of eight NP-P506QL 4K projectors mounted from the studio ceiling, providing bright, stunning images from its laser light source with incredible detail.


As Bravo Media Productions welcomes clients and employees back to its studio for in-person filming and meetings, its new 360-degree projector installation takes projection to new heights, showcasing current and prospective clients what their own spaces can look like through an impressive visual experience created through edge blending and projection mapping.

The power of projection

At Bravo, employees and visitors step off the elevator and immediately enter a world of imagination and endless possibilities. The moment the elevator doors open up, guests set their sights on the large visual façade in front of them – and that façade needed to make a strong first impression. “Projection gives an element of surprise that you can’t get from any other medium,” said Tim Donovan, President of Bravo Media Productions. “When used to its fullest extent, it has the ability to create a sense of magic, leaving viewers wondering, how did they do that? It’s a technology that can provide an impactful experience regardless of the size of the installation and canvas you are working with.” 


Not only does projection create magical experiences, it provides essential versatility and flexibility for the user. Bravo’s 360-degree projector setup allows for easy-to-change content that caters to whoever is walking in the door that day. Projection allows a customizable installation within any size or shape space without the cost of a custom installation project. To achieve a variety of projections that can rotate in content daily, Bravo installed six of the projectors in landscape mode and two of the projectors in portrait mode. “We recommend projectors to so many of our clients because of the flexibility in creating content – it’s second to none,” said Donovan. “It’s a less expensive hardware option and can deliver that same impact – if not more – for the immersive experience clients are looking for today.” 

Making a visual impact

As for the impressions on the user, Bravo Media Productions infuses their experiential productions with creativity and imagination. By visualizing its studio as a 360-degree space rather than four separate walls and measuring the dead space, Bravo Media Productions is able to create a live piece of art that moves in real time, changing and engaging anyone who walks in the door. 

The Bravo team pushes an often underutilized tool like the projector to its fullest extent, manipulating its capabilities to design productions with an artistic vision in mind. Their studio setup was made possible through the projector’s edge blending and projection mapping capabilities along with Bravo’s custom mapping plugin.