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Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Melville, NY – March 17, 2009: Chyron (NASDAQ: CHYR) and Txtstation today announced the integration of Txtstation’s “Txtstation Lite” product with Chyron's AXIS web-based content creation services. Now AXIS clients can build interactive mobile campaigns - using AXIS content creation and management tools - quickly and cost effectively. This level of integration provides users with unprecedented workflow, tracking, order management and reporting structures. The move further broadens the range of services both companies can offer our clients.

Txtstation Lite, a web and Flash-based application, is the industry leader for mobile campaign displays. Graphics can easily be created and edited for voting, trivia, text or pix-to-screen, sweepstakes and a variety of other mobile applications. By ensuring a dedicated space within the AXIS platform, users will be able to log in to Txtstation Lite from any geographic location and have access to a wider toolset to engage viewers. 

AXIS Graphics is the world’s first online content creation system and changes the way broadcasters and new media providers generate, produce and manage graphics. AXIS Graphics is an array of browser-based services unique to Chyron that can be customized to a user’s proprietary brand, offering high resolution maps; real-time weather displays; 3D charts and graphics; financial quotes; and a vast and growing toolset to create up-to-the-minute news graphics.

Txtstation Vice President of Sales and Business Development Michael Falato added, "We are honored to be chosen by Chyron. They are a highly respected name brand in the industry for very good reason. Txtstation Lite is a turn-key product that many of our broadcasting clients are already taking advantage of and this partnership will help us to carry our mobile message even further." 

Chyron Chief Operating Officer Kevin Prince said, "Txtstation Lite is an impressive product and is a proven entity in the mobile marketing space. Txtstation has wide experience in delivering mobile interactive broadcast-quality graphics and is a natural fit with our AXIS suite of web services. We constantly strive to make graphics workflow more efficient and inclusive for our clients and this partnership meets that goal.”