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RDL Introduces Decora® Three-Input Source Selector for Its Format-A Audio System
Posted on Tuesday, June 10, 2014
RDL Introduces Decora® Three-Input Source Selector for Its Format-A Audio System RDL is pleased to introduce the D-TPRX3A three-input source selector for its Format-A audio system. RDL’s Format-A audio system is comprised of products that send, receive and distribute studio-quality audio long distances over three pairs of UTP cable. 

The front panel of the D-TPRX3A features three pushbuttons, each corresponding to one of three possible input audio sources on the three UTP cable pairs. When an input source button is pushed, the corresponding audio input is fed to the D-TPRX3A’s line output and any previously selected source is shut off. Only one source may be selected at a time. If the button for a selected source is pushed again, all inputs are turned off. The D-TPRX3A was designed for absolute silent switching of audio signals 

The D-TPRX3A features a balanced line-level output that may be connected unbalanced. The D-TPRX3A is ideal for installations that require a user to be able to monitor up to 3 audio sources. Wire the line output to an RDL or OEM amplifier for speaker monitoring or use an RDL or OEM headphone amplifier for private listening. The D-TPRX3A is an ideal companion to the new RDL D-HPA3 and D-PA3 wall-mounted amplifiers. 

The versatile Decora format and all-metal design allow the D-HPA3 to be installed into a variety of environments and applications. 

The D-TPRX3A is available in 3 colors; white (D-TPRX3A), black (DB-TPRX3A) or stainless steel (DS-TPRX3A).