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LEIGHTRONIX, INC. Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Posted on Wednesday, January 5, 2011
LEIGHTRONIX, INC. Celebrates 30th Anniversary


A pioneer in video automation control and digital media communication technology, LEIGHTRONIX, INC. is proud to announce its 30 year anniversary. The start of 2011 marks the company’s 30th year of industry leadership, product innovation, and excellence in customer service and support.

Founded in 1981 by President David Leighton, LEIGHTRONIX quickly earned a positive reputation for its ability to solve difficult control and interface problems, interconnecting video production and editing equipment of different manufacturers that were not originally meant to communicate. The company’s expertise was demonstrated through the use of early microprocessor technology and in a series of specialty device control interfaces that made it possible to directly edit from one tape format to another (such as from 1/2 inch VHS to 3/4 inch U-matic), thus eliminating the need to dub source tape at the cost of video quality.

LEIGHTRONIX is best known in the industry as a pioneer in television automation, being one of the first to offer low-cost playback systems that uniquely addressed the needs of locally originated television channel operators. Over three decades, more than 17,000 automation systems have been delivered, spanning from the simplicity of a single channel playback controller to a multi-channel advanced control system supporting analog and digital video technologies.

As broadcast and online media merge, LEIGHTRONIX has continued to be a leader by developing innovative new technology that streamlines the workflow of video professionals. The Smart Workflow of the UltraNEXUS broadcast video server and its integration with online streaming services, allows broadcasters to easily convert and post broadcast media on the Web through a customized Web portal also hosted by the company. LEIGHTRONIX offers customers a complete digital video communications solution with products that integrate with one another, allowing users to easily record, broadcast, and stream media content.

In addition to the standard product line, LEIGHTRONIX has been sought after for its experience and expertise in the delivery of large scale, custom video control, digital media distribution and display, and automation solutions, serving a wide range of clients in the areas of space, military, corporate, manufacturing, and television broadcast.

"Longevity is not only about having core values, but sticking to them," said David Leighton, president of LEIGHTRONIX. "From the beginning, it’s always been our passion to provide customers with affordable, high quality solutions that are both reliable and come with a support package that exceeds their expectations. Ultimately it’s been our goal to provide our customers with a partner they can trust."


LEIGHTRONIX is recognized as an industry leader in specialty video equipment design and manufacturing, including digital video solutions, television automation, live and video-on-demand, and remote equipment control. A model of stability and longevity in the quickly evolving professional video market, LEIGHTRONIX continues to set standards in product value and versatility that exceed customer expectations in both product performance and support. Exceptional product reliability, a standard 5-year warranty, and cost-free technical support have made LEIGHTRONIX one of the most trusted names in the industry. For more information, visit