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Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Melville, NY – April 22, 2009: Chyron (NASDAQ: CHYR) and Atex today announced the integration of the Atex Polopoly Content Manager and Polopoly Relationship Manager with Chyron's AXIS web-based content creation services.

Polopoly represents a best-of-breed solution to deliver multi-channel web content management with optional integrated eCRM. The Polopoly Content Manager and Relationship Manager systems make it possible to consolidate all content and customer management into a single hub, increasing operational efficiency, reducing overhead and providing a foundation for on-demand delivery of new digital services. Having worked in close collaboration with some of the most advanced and demanding digital media companies in the world, Polopoly has created a digital publishing interface based on open standards and Service Oriented Architecture. 

Atex Global Product Manager, Broadcast & Channel Partners, Patrik Eriksson, said, “This integration with Chyron is a significant new strand of our partner DNA blueprint. Polopoly delivers a best-of-breed web presentation solution combined with Chyron’s leading web-based graphic systems. Customers aren’t requesting simply a web content management system, they ask for a packaged solution and our job is to assemble a great value proposition with trusted partners like Chyron.”
">AXIS Graphics is the world’s first online content creation system and changes the way broadcasters and new media providers generate, produce and manage graphics. AXIS Graphics is an array of browser-based services unique to Chyron that can be customized to a user’s proprietary brand, offering high resolution maps; real-time weather displays; 3D charts and graphics; financial quotes; and a vast and growing toolset to create up-to-the-minute news graphics. AXIS services link content providers with sophisticated workflow and management tools for rapid ROI.

Chyron Chief Operating Officer Kevin Prince said, "Some of the highest-traffic web sites in Europe have their roots in the Atex Polopoly platform primarily because those sites have a mission-critical need for reliable business solutions. The integration of AXIS and Polopoly makes it possible to consolidate both applications and potentially many more in a single hub, therefore increasing operational efficiency, reducing overhead and providing a rock-solid foundation for on-demand delivery of new digital services to many markets.”