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AVRover/Onfinity/RM Easiteach - an Unbeatable Combination!
Posted on Monday, March 3, 2008
AVRover/Onfinity/RM Easiteach - an Unbeatable Combination!

We have been exhibiting the AVRover Model SVS200 with the ONfinity CM2 Max and RM Easiteach interactive lesson software at dozens of educational technology shows for the past several months and the response has been OVERWHELMING!  Our solution at about $3,600 is more powerful, more flexible, more secure, easiest to set up, easiest to use - and at about half of the cost of any other solution on the market - it is the best value for 21st Century Classroom Technology.  

Interactive technology in the classroom can be achieved in many different ways (interactive whiteboard, annotation tablet, or our ONfinity wand/stylus), but there is no other complete, secure, fully functional portable solution on the market that matches our sound and video quality, or our ease of setup and use, and most importantly the fact that our system does not need to be recalibrated every time someone bumps the cart because we calibrate to the IMAGE, not to an additional device (interactive whiteboard) that is separate from the projection system. 

A lot of fuss has been made about the short-throw projectors that are being sold along with the interactive whiteboards.  Yes it's true that the teacher can better see the image (less shadowing) while standing in front of the board, but the teacher should not be standing in front of the board because THE STUDENTS NEED TO SEE THE IMAGE.  Our wand allows the teacher to stand clear of the image allowing the class to actually see what is being taught.

Additional features of our system are:

  1. The ability to easily raise and lower the image (and the interactive wand is still in calibration with the image) with our patented adjustable projector mount.
  2. The ability to move the system (SVS 200 rolls easily) from room to room, set up in less than a minute since there is no additional device (whiteboard) to roll along and re-connect to the projector and computer.    
  3. Since all of our components are securely mounted inside the system, there is never a need to worry about cables coming loose or theft of components. 
  4. Our system utilizes a projection screen or blank wall, both of which are bigger and better viewing surfaces than a glossy whiteboard.
  5. In the future, when you decide that a new projector is needed, it will install easily on our universal mount and the interactive image which will most likely be wide-screen (16:9), will be fine.  Purchasing a 4:3 interactive whiteboard today will become obsolete in a few years.