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Custom CyberTouch Touch Walls with 12 Video Inputs

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Custom CyberTouch Touch Walls with 12 Video Inputs
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Custom CyberTouch Touch Walls with 12 Video Inputs

In Boston, MA- Suffolk Construction Company is changing the process of building by implementing their new "Smart Labs", a space that allows clients to experience their new development without leaving the Suffolk office. These SmartLabs boast a range of technologies from Virtual Reality, Jobsite Feeds, a Huddle Wall and a 165" CyberTouch Touch Wall. 

This CyberTouch Invidia Touch Wall utilized 1.7 mm NEC X555UNS high-bright ultra-narrow bezel commercial-grade displays in landscape orientation, a CyberTouch Photon Multi-Touch Frame with 40-touch points resolution with multi-layer safety glass.  This CyberTouch 3x3-55 Touch Wall was accompanied by a custom CyberTouch computer and custom video processing and control for a distance of 100ft with 9 video outputs and 12 computer inputs. These computer outputs allow clients to view and interact with their potential projects and manipulate their vision. This CyberTouch Touch Wall was also custom designed to be modular in design, allowing the CyberTouch Touch Wall to be navigated through the building in separate components. Due to the intricate and complex assembly process posed by the Modular design of CyberTouch Touch Walls, as well as the programming of the video processing, installation was completed by CyberTouch technicians. 

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